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  • Leave your car in good hands: Parking from 6€/day

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  • Hotel: Your home away from home

    Flights in real time

    Time Flight Origin Status
    10:25LS 1439London, StanstedEstimated10:05
    10:30W9 5731London, GatwickEstimated10:15
    10:30TP 1907Lisboa
    10:45EI 492DublinEstimated10:40
    10:50LS 251LeedsEstimated10:20
    Time Flight Destination Status
    09:15FR 7417Paris, BeauvaisFinal Call
    10:10EZY8920London, GatwickFinal Call
    10:10FR 7133DublinClosed
    10:15FR 2304ShannonGate Open
    10:20FR 3712Birmingham
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  • CIP Lounge: Here, even time flies

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    Book online and benefit from low cost rates at the P4 park, with direct access to the terminal.

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