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  • What is Skybags?

    It's an innovative home check-in service, one of a kind in Portugal and in Europe. It is intended for passengers of adhering airlines – TAP, Iberia SATA and Air Europa – departing from the Lisbon Airport and it provides a comfortable and personalised check-in, with baggage pick up, at the passenger's location: home, office or hotel.

  • How does it work?

    After booking the service, on the eve of the flight, or earlier the same day, Skybags will meet the passenger at their location. At that time, and in the presence of the passenger, the documentation is checked and the bags are weighed and sealed with the safety material provided by Skybags, and transported to the airport, where the process will be concluded by the respective airline. 

    If any excess baggage fees apply, Skybags will take care of it with the airline, freeing the passenger of this task as well.

  • Is Skybags safe?

    This service provides added security for all parties and for the airport itself. The bags are weighed and sealed with numbered security seals in front of the passenger, and are always submitted to all mandatory security procedures.

    The Skybags service meets all security regulations and is authorised by INAC – Portuguese Civil Aviation Institute.

  • Once at the airport, what do I have to do?

    An hour before the flight, head to the counter previously indicated by your airline and present the Skybags Service Note, to receive your Boarding Pass / Baggage tags and any receipts for excess weight fees. Then, just proceed directly to your boarding gate.

  • How can I be sure that my bags have been delivered at the airport?

    On your boarding pass, you will find the bag tags (stickers) for each bag collected. This is proof that the bags were delivered and received by the airline at the airport.

  • Can I use this service with any airline?

    The service is currently available for TAP, IBERIA, SATA and AirEuropa flights departing from the Lisbon Airport to all destinations.

  • With Skybags can I choose my seat on the plane?

    At the time when the service is being provided, you may indicate your seating preference to the Skybags representative. Depending on the available seats, your preference will be respected.

  • I have arrived at my destination but my baggage has not. What now?

    Although the service is completely secure, it is still dependent on airport procedures. If your bags have not arrived, go to the 'Lost and Found' counter of the arrival airport, and present the bag tags that are glued to your boarding pass, in order to initiate a location procedure.

    All bags processed by the service have a fluorescent orange label that reads "Skybags" which should be mentioned as a quick identification element.

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